Expand Your Ministry

with Senior Housing

Let us help you convert excess land into THE Ministry for the 21st Century.  A Ministry that:

Antioch Plan Developers, LLC provides a Business - Church business model with faith based organizations for the purpose of creating optimal senior care housing facilities. The Antioch business model delivers turn-key project development and construction; and provides complete solutions from market and feasibility analysis, planning and design, both construction and long term financing, and total day-to-day operations. Selected qualified church partners will have an opportunity to share and grow their senior ministry programs with residents, resident’s families and their community.


Church partners share in project revenues and have equity ownership in the projects, based on their contribution of land for the project’s location.

The program provides:

 - Senior ministry opportunities

 - Community social impact
 - Significant new revenue for participating church partner
 - Substantial equity in exchange for relative low value asset
 - No capital cost to church partner
 - No operational responsibilities

All this without increasing your financial, legal or operational responsibility or liability. Our turn-key program utilizes best practices with proven systems from experienced partners.

If your ministry has available land, a desire to reach out to your senior community and wants to create sustaintial new revenue, we can help.

Antioch Plan Developer’s business model focuses on the solutions for senior housing and senior ministry needs, by delivering quality facilities, Christian community values and resident appreciation environments.

Why Is This Strategy So Fundamentally Critical For The Evangelical Christian Community?

There are historic demographic and financial shifts occurring today that threaten to fundamentally alter the very social, political and economic landscape upon which America operates. Never before in our country’s history has the 65 and older population been such a significant percentage of our total population; and it is growing.

Aging Report 2012


   THE PROBLEMS (2 Historical Shifts)

The Baby Boomer generation is aging… each day over ten thousand people are turning 65 and will grow to total over 20 million… for the next 20 years.  In less than 6 years, the number of Americans aged 85 or older will increase by 33%, which is 3 times faster than any other age group. And of those over 75, 40% must contend with some form of dementia. In short, seniors are living longer, physically healthier lives.

1) A Moral Crisis…  A new report by the Center for Housing Policy titled “Housing an Aging Population” puts facts to the instincts all of us working on senior issues have, “We know we are not adequately preparing for this demographic tsunami”.  It presents a moral crisis for this country as it demonstrates that we will leave our elders without decent and caring places to live.​

The dramatic growth of seniors will have important consequences for the church as it prepares for ministry in the twenty-first century.

The Church must not let the tsunami of senior adults catch it unprepared.  The wise pastor and congregation will begin praying; planning and putting people and projects into place that can address the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of their senior adults. Only then will we be ready to care for, minister and reap the great harvest of senior souls.​

2) A Financial Crisis… There is a “New Normal” in church finance.  For most churches in America, the economy has had a profound impact on church collections and programs.  Income is down, budgets are strained and ministry programs and opportunities have been restricted or abandoned all together.  Creating additional or alternative revenue streams without a significant investment to plant and programs is virtually impossible.  Adding insult to injury, credit markets once eager to fund church expansion have all but vanished.  Excess church land, once a valuable asset to church health and expansion, now sits idle with diminished value and little prospect of ever being developed for its intended purpose.     

Herein lies the business model of Antioch Plan Developers and our hope that your church may be interested in joining us in addressing the needs of this growing senior community.  By forming a business-church partnership through sponsoring senior housing developments, the Church will be providing much needed safe, quality housing for not only their congregants, but also their communities at large.